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New York +(123) 456 -7890 184 Main Street Victoria 8007
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Industries with impact

We focus our activities around industries that deliver a positive impact on quality of life.


Renewable Energy: Cinergy Ltd provides solar and wind energy. Cleaner base-load energy: 247 Energy offers containerized LNG power plants.


Asterion is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on bringing innovation in dermatology and aesthetics through genetic engineering. Vitamin AI is researching early diagnostics for Alzheimer Disease. Sulforatropin offers a patented treatment for dermatitis and mucositis.

Innovations & Technology

A# develops mobile solutions, Automated Analytics specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Venture Campus consults companies on innovation management.

Media & Entertainment

d2 is a media & digital cinema integrator.


HARDT Hyperloop - transport of the future

Portfolio Mix

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Health 0

Technology 0

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Mobility 0


Deep learning technology to reduce fraud and detect diseases.

Image & Sound

Improve entertainment experience in cinema theatres.

Innovation support

Assist startups & mature companies in innovation management.


Digital biomarkers as healthy alternatives for more invasive medical diagnostics.

Gene Expression

Gene expression technology to rapidly produce high levels of target proteins.

Cleaner Energy & Transport

Use renewables to produce clean energy. New ways of transport with little or no CO2 emissions.

Business & Society

Focus on activities that offer mid & long term company growth. We invest today in technology of tomorrow.

Impact for society. We focus on activities that improve quality of life (ecological, health, entertainment).