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COVID19 Message

In these extremely challenging times, we would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you and your families. At Perpetuum, the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, partners and the communities in which we operate is our number one priority. Therefore we have closed our offices till further notice. We are available by phone & email. Thanks for your understanding.

Industries with impact

We focus our activities around industries that deliver a positive impact on quality of life.


(1) Renewable Energy: Cinergy Ltd provides solar and wind energy. Cleaner base-load energy: (2) 247 Energy offers containerized LNG power plants (3) Solarport: a solar port that also charges at night.


(1) Asterion is a biopharmaceutical company, focused on bringing innovation in dermatology and aesthetics through genetic engineering. (2) Vitamin AI is researching early diagnostics for Alzheimer Disease. (3) Sulforatropin offers a patented treatment for dermatitis and mucositis (4) Perpetuum CropScience: a biotech startup in the field of plant genetics and tissue culture.

Innovations & Technology

(1) A# develops mobile solutions, (2) Automated Analytics specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, (3) Venture Campus consults companies on innovation management.

Media & Entertainment

d2 is a media & digital cinema integrator.


(1) HARDT Hyperloop - transport of the future (2) - eco-friendly company mobility

Portfolio Mix

Energy 0

Health 0

Technology 0

Media 0

Mobility 0


Deep learning technology to reduce fraud and detect diseases.

Image & Sound

Improve entertainment experience in cinema theatres.

Innovation support

Assist startups & mature companies in innovation management.


Digital biomarkers as healthy alternatives for more invasive medical diagnostics.

Gene Expression

Gene expression technology to rapidly produce high levels of target proteins.

Cleaner Energy & Transport

Use renewables to produce clean energy. New ways of transport with little or no CO2 emissions.

Business & Society

Focus on activities that offer mid & long term company growth. We invest today in technology of tomorrow.

Impact for society. We focus on activities that improve quality of life (ecological, health, entertainment).